RHRO Annual Review 2017

Contents Message from the chairs about the RHRO

 Awareness the local societies about the fundamental human rights that are universal and inalienable
 Conduct Free Medical Camps.
 Challenges & Learning,s
 Finance & Accounts
 Training & Development
 Partner & Donors.

Since its creation in 2016, RHRO has worked consistently to support front-line communities and protest around the selected parts of KP. The RHRO is an efficient and flexible civil society actor supporting the promotion of rights and social services. Deliver for marginalized groups,however still much work, is needed to translate social ideas-and standards into reality, and this is where the RHRO has a key role to play.

The ongoing struggle of RHRO for improving social service deliver, respect for human rights and educating poverty clearly show the continued reduce and activities highlights during the year 2017 are given below.
Important of the RHRO schemes while social service deliver and human rights machinery and mechanism continue to be strengthened, the situation various areas is still worsening and required urgent action.
The struggle for elimination poverty during the current situation in Pakistan is increasingly overtaken by violence, lack of social accountability,transparency and food security and poor social service delivery mechanisms.
The security situation for service users remains poor in many parts of the target Area.

Activities Highlights in 2017

 A dance Show has been conducted in main office With localities on 1st January and celebrated the happy new year, local transgender of swabi and our joint secretary Shakeel Khan(Sidra) sent their two colleague and Demonstrated better with dances and listen the music.

 On 16th January a free Medical Camp has been conduct In union council Bamkhel and prescribed 400 patients,given free of cost medicines. Implemented the basic health rights of humanity, remember the sense and feeling of charity Workers deliver services for poor health suffer peoples in The societies where is under developing.

 Press Conference has been conducted in our Main office Situated in Abu Khan Khel House Saleem Khan Lakhtay Tehsil & Distruct Swabi against Social Welfare officer/Swabi due to his misconduct and misbehave Against the President of RHRO in Early February in his office. The President demanded from him Financial Assistance for RHRO and due his narrow mindsets they insult Us And gave serious threats in our duty line. Then President have Also issued him a Legal notice in point of human rights Law to him.

 Prepared many Proposals for Projects, such as intersex human rights fund, transgender education, inter-religious groups understanding and cooperation, cultural grass roots assistance, championing human rights, promote democratic values and wild conservation,s with some good research. Then sent these proposals to Donor Agencies through emails, and after deep review These projects were not approved for Projects.but Still have courage to gain good projects for Implementations.

 Training given to our BOD,s and to General Body Members about universal declaration of Human rights 1948, making understanding And Perception them about of cooperation with Each other in protections of fundamental human Rights which is universal and inalienable . More than Two Months training given them and due to these learning some Of Persons Register in RHRO with nominal fees.

 Celebrated International salam Teacher Day on 05/10/2017 in Government Higher Secondary School Saleem Khan with more than 20 Participants.This is really said salam to all teachers around the globe The local teachers of the school and students Participated the program and the President and some of students address to Participants about the significance of teachers And its role in society. The teacher is the founder of the nation,s And except that world could not be able to read and write Any thing And live life on this planet, as the complicated and big World.

 Application make and sent to UN High on 13/09/2017 Commission of Human Rights on the subject that stop human rights violations in Burma of Killing and hurting Innocent hundred and millions humanity by their crucial Armed forces. Application prepared for subject “issuance of reasonable amount of donation to Pakistan Baitul-Maal For two disable persons who live in District swabi On dated 14/05/2017.

 Free Medical Camp in Anbar Village of Tehsil Lahore And District Swabi Conduct under the prescription of Dr-Afzal Amin and prescribed 80 Patients Patients and supplied them free of cost medicines on 13/11/2017.

 Resolution has been passed about making “Election Commission” to conduct the Election for The year 2018 regarding RHRO. Niaz Ali Khan Advocate Has been nominated Election commissioner with Two members that will proceeds the election matters Regularly.

 Celebration of International Human Rights Day were Conducted on 10-December in A local community of Marghuz and participated more than 15 Persons including Media Persons. The President Explained the agenda of human rights protections And its implementations in our highly violated societies Where only the selfishness and ingenuity. Birth and universal Values for respect of human rights discussed and Explain all types of human rights, Know them about the background of universal declaration of human Rights 1948, causes that made this declaration after long term wars occurred on the planet, that destroyed More than 10 million people killed and round about 10 million got injured in big armed conflicts. After the addresses half kilometer walk completed Near the hall where we conduct the program.

 Conduct Election at 28th December under the supervision of nominated Election commission in main office, nominated all the office bearers through polling of votes and Participated 14 Executive and General Body Members. Some office bearers due to no opposite candidate stand elected automatically, at the end smart refreshment given to all participants and said congratulation to the elected and nominated.President S.Jawad Ali Shah nominated triple time.


Due to the conservative mindsets and negative attitude of localities working for RHRO team were difficult and challenge able. The federal government and the inhuman policies of Pakistan harmful for these types of non-profit organizations. The government institutions according to law bound to give donations for these types of non-profit organizations but did not donated properly to RHRO for their proceedings. As well the private industrial estate companies were also bound to donated generously to RHRO for their good human causes activities at all but did not reasonably.


Receipt & Expenditure Account
Opening Balance 1053
Receipt Donation from members and receiving from local
Donors: 77640 PKR
1. Printing & stationary 15160
Advertisement 14835
Telephone 10975
Advertisement —
Medical Camps —-
Fees & subscription —–
Traveling 20703
Utilities —
Entertainment 15790
Miscellaneous —

Surplus for the year 1230
Closing Balance 1230 PKR
Cash in Hand


RHRO office team organized 20 sessions about the training of universal declaration of human rights 1948(2 females, 10 males, 5 transgender) Participated. Participants were briefed on topics I,e definition of human rights, needs of human rights and the examples of fundamental human rights in societies. Defined the protections of human rights and the procedures and platform of protections on human right Law. Discussed the charter from where the human rights is taken and how these rights identified and came in a Law for implementations. Introduce them the universal declaration of human rights with their 30 articles which is applicable in all member states of UN. The overall trainee learned all these things and give good response. These participants included some of the Registered Members, while some of them general Society Members.

Second venue of Transgender awareness training in KSK (Razar) District Swabi with local transgender community and the trainers are President & Legal adviser of RHRO official team.

 Partner & Donors

1. Membership ContributionMajor Contributions (Ishtiaq Hussain Manager of Pakistan Reading Project Swabi +Gul Zamin Shah Businessman+ S.Jawad Ali Shah The President itself utilizing the amounts of earned by their Brother live in Saudi Arabia)
2. Registration Fees (collected from local swabi citizens)
3. Receiving Amounts from industrial Estate Gadoon Amazai Tehsil & District Swabi, including Cherat cement + Dynea Chemical + Albaraka Foods + other small industries.
4. Collection of Medicines as donation from Local Doctors namely Dr. Muhammed Saleh and Dr M. Shahid as well some time donated medicines by Dr. Shaida (Gynea Specialist) also in Swabi City.