RHRO Annual review 2018


Relief human rights organization is a registered charitable organization for the well being of Humanity and Relief with provincial registrar of firms & societies Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The RHRO organization is non-profit and non-political institution which is working on fundamental human rights protections & its implementations in our poor violated societies of KP province.

The organization background shows that due the high environmental impact of violence in these societies causes the foundation of RHRO. The resolution has been passed by their birth board of directors in their first office situated in saleem khan lakhteTehsil & district swabi for making an institution. The institution which aims to protect fundamental human rights in societies for sake of humanity at all. This resolution passed date were 22nd November 2016 and the first President elected “syed jawad ali shah” and general secretary kishwar khan.

After got registration at 26th may 2016 from directorate of industries & commerce under the” Society Registration Act, 1860” with registration no.5/8817, the organization have started their activities of awareness about fundamental human rights, celebration of international days and some of free medical camps conducted in poor violated societies of province. The organization till to July, 2018 organized more than 90 activities including free legal aid cases along with notices to human rights violators included in these 90 programs. The overall programs and events reflect the human sympathy and relief.

Contents Message from the chairs about the RHRO

⦁ Board Meetings
⦁ Free Medical & Dental Camps
⦁ Celebration of International Days
⦁ Training & Developments
⦁ Partner & Donors

Activities Highlights in 2018

⦁ Letters of Recommendation for Poor two Widow Women to MD Pakistan Baitul Maal for making donation with respect to:
1. Razia R/o Gohati (Swabi)
2. Shamim R/o Gohati (Swabi) on her request orally.

⦁ Daily Legal Clinic M. idrees two sisters in clerical mistakes with respect to their date of birth with the help of our legal officer Mr Niaz Ali Khan Adv in judicial Complex Shamansoor District Swabi on dated 06/02/2018. Then proceeds the case and after 6 to 7 months won the case in her favors.

⦁ Conduct free Medical Camp No. 09 in Palodhand Union council Saleem Khan Tehsil & District Swabi and attained more than 160 patients of different diseases with the help of local Doctor Dr. Jehanzeb. Date of this activity were 21/01/2018 and the co-operate organization were Sabawoon Welfare organization a (CBO). Given Free of Cost Medicines to Poor Patients on the Spot from RHRO side.

⦁ Conducted a Seminar in our Main office for protections of fundamental human rights in societies and formulated work plan, minor Members Participate in it. Activity date were 21/03/2018

⦁ Conducted the activity of Edhi Distribution on the occasion of Eidul Fitar on 15th June 2018 in poor society of Mehmood Abad Gohati, the President itself distributed the amounts in general children and make a report with community elders signs

⦁ A consortium Agreement has been signed between DEWA Organization and our RHRO for collaboration work in societies on dated 07th May 2018. on the basis of this Agreement two Project Proposals has been originated and sent to concern Donors (international Donor Agencies) one were N-Peace Small grant while other were National Endowment for Democracy called NED. Both Proposals were rejected for Funding due to limit resources with Concern fund making resources.

⦁ A Consortium Agreement has been signed between RHRO and AHRDO on the date of 12th July 2018 the both presidents and two witnesses make an agreement about mutual interest in project level and attached a copy of cheque book leaf attached with agreements and stamped by both organization to work collaboratively.

⦁ Making annual renewal list for the year 2018 to Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Societies Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar on dated 17/07/2018 with resolution for filling vacancies at Midterm, Notifications, Police Clearance Reports and CNIC copies attested submitted and latterly issues Verification letter and then on dated 08/10/2018 issued annual Renewal Registration certificate with N0.2434/5/8817 from Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Societies KPK.

⦁ Conducted the activity on World Humanitarian Day in Main Office with total Beneficiaries 17 and Cost 695 PKR. The universal messages of UNO have been convey and touch the overview of that day with Significance Details.

⦁ Conducted Free Dental OPD in misal Khan Hujra u/c Saleem Khan on dated 09/05/2018 with the help of our Proposed General Secretary M. Ayaz and attained more than 41 poor patients of society. Free of Cost medicines has been provided to them and participated board members in it.

⦁ Conduct General Election Observatory Duty in 18 different polling stations as per direction of District Returning officer/Swabi with accreditation card no 8001, 8004, 8003 in Constituency NA 18/19 on the dated 25th July and found some gaps reported to DRO office and District Election Commission office respectively. Electoral Process are calm, flexible, and Genuine for the voters and high turnover observed in this Election comparative other Elections which conducted in the Country.

Board of Director Meeting

Relief Human Rights Organization board meeting has been conducted many times for making decisions and policies about to work according to the aims and objectives of organization. The following are the details of board of Directors meeting in their office as per the constitution of RHRO.
The Quarterly Meeting has been conducted at regular basis in their main office
⦁ First Board Meeting has been conducted at 28/03/2018 in office on the subject on Annual verification of Board members with respect to 2018, industrial development officer Shakeel khan inspect the position of organization and prepared report to Directorate of Industry & Commerce Peshawar.

⦁ Second Board Meeting were held at 25th June 2018 in main office with 05 the current Board Members on the subject understanding the vision & mission as well introduction among the new incoming members, focus on the significance of protections of Fundamental Human Rights in violated Societies.

⦁ Third Board Meeting has been conducted in main office at 09/08/2018 under the supervision of New Proposed General Secretary on the Subject making understanding about exemption certificate/Approval for grants making with BOD,s Regularization in organization affairs, total board members were 07 on attendance sheet.

⦁ Election Commission Nomination appointment has been Held between all BOD,s and with Some General Body Members in Main office and Appointed three Members Commission comprise with one Election Commissioner and two Election Commission Members on 22/11/2018. After some Days Notices issued to all General Body and Nominated the Candidate one Week before the Election Date, as well on 25th December 2018 Election Commission Arranged and Conduct Election on only one Post Called President and Voting Started on 25/12/2018 Noon Time casted 0nly 14 votes out of 26 and again the Old President Elected President of RHRO FY 2019. Said Coagulations.

⦁ World Human Rights Day celebrated at 10th December 2018 in Office with many org officers and general Communities elders comprise Yousaf Ali Candidate of Pakistan Leading Party Pakistan Tehrik Insaf PK-44 and addresses also to the home used the Banner and Charts for cong the 70th Anniversary of universal Declaration of Human Rights. Captured the Photos at the end with good refreshment.


Total funding to RHRO from Donor entities in FY 2018 is:
Total amounts utilized on Field & office Activities:
Partner & Donors: Major Donor is Gadoon industrial Estate (Swabi)
Name of industries which donated amounts to RHRO
1. Gadoon Industrial Estate District (Swabi) Donated Amounts is 39630 PKR
2. Syed Jawad Ali Shah is donated: 8000 PKR
3. Remains BOD,s (M. Ayaz+ vice President + Field Manager) is Donated: 26750 PKR
4. Ishtiaq Hussain is Dnoated: 3000 PKR
5. Other Local Donors: 12800 PKR


Local Community consisted jealousy and narrow mindsets and having no proper association with social service institutions , and some people it was considered to be harm and sinful act for anyone having such links with NGO,s or to Cooperate with NPO,s Financially. The mark despite courageous efforts by security agencies . Some time field operations were suspended due to this situation.

Relief Human Rights Organization .
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