Our Services

Due to the lot of Problems and issues in these common societies we are endowed our times, monies as well our selves for the right services to deliver in societies for discriminated human beings.


According to the article 25th (1) standard of life, adequate for the health and well being of himself and of his family, the organization conducted six(6) free medical camps in different venues of the two districts Swabi and Mardan in the province kpk, Pakistan.

Basic Foods

Food will be provided in safe home will be build in Swabi as well in Buner for homeless peoples and young teenage girls who escapes from their homes in form of Right to freedom of expression, right to free choice Marriage. but for that we need to get funds of Charities and donations from local and international donors of taxpayer might be.


The other section such as housing for poor state that the organization will be make a safe home for homeless people in Swabi. Many of the poor people here in the central districts of the province are homeless and feels anxiety that the issues of homes.

Building Schools

According to the article 26th of the universal declaration of human rights, every has the right to education, Education shall be free. the organization arranged and conducted some community schools in different places.


The organization has been applied for different Projects in many sectors of life, to give a good Relief for the poor affected people here in the province KPK. The organization are transparent and do their job best on merit basis.


More than 30 members is doing work as general welfare in affected poor societies, for getting to achieves the goals of grand challenges of Socio economics in conservative societies in Province KPK, Pakistan.